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    Tomato Seed

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    Melon Seed

  • Open Pollinated Seeds 0,5 $/packet

    Open Pollinated Seeds 0,5 $/packet

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  • Open Pollinated Seeds -Summer

    Open Pollinated Seeds -Summer


About Tarbio

Best SEED and PLANT FEED Products are manufactured by Tarbio Company. Small beautiful movements in our lives sometimes take place as the harbinger of great happiness. The idea of ​​"live so you can live" is an approach accepted all over the world. If the seed, the beginning of life, is genetically cured and fed in good hands, it gives fertile generations that open new horizons. These efforts are a concept that starts with the seed and includes the producer and the consumer. The germination and development of the seed we expect in the field, greenhouse or balcony promises a happy future with quality and productive products.
We support the world food chain with product development, healthy and productive varieties in herbal biotechnology, which is the point where experience and science meet for many years. We help our farmers to win and be happy with our academic and industry-oriented work. In addition to seed production, we are trying to provide the best development with other supportive fertilizer formulas. We share the results we make with R&D with our manufacturers, solve problems together, and develop together. In our work; Together with our manufacturers, we aim to bring healthier and more fertile products to the world.
Quality Production for Quality and Healthy Production


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